Friday, 27 March 2015

So Fetch Friday: the Mindy Project!

You know what's really awesome? I'm not sure about Netflix in other countries, but The Mindy Project had it's season finale literally like 3 days ago and that season is already up on Canadian Netflix! So yeah, that's definitely going to be how I spend my weekend. So far, i'm 3 episodes in already, and I feel like it's off to a solid start. Mindy Kaling is seriously so great, and I was a little weary of them already having Mindy and Danny be together and it's only season 3, but so far, the dynamic is really hilarious. I was a fan of the first two seasons, and, thus far, I'm glad it's off to such a strong start.

As well, I finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Can Jon Hamm please win an Emmy for his guest appearances as the Reverend? The only things I've seen Jon Hamm do are about 10 episodes of Mad Men (I'm working on it...) and Million Dollar Arm. So I had no idea he could do comedy so well. Seriously, he is such a scene stealer, and gave, probably, the best performance of the whole season. Am I exaggerating? I honestly don't think I am. I just want Jon Hamm to do more comedy in general. Can he get a sitcom now? That'd be lovely.

As mentioned, I'm giving Mad Men another shot. We watched about 7 or 8 episodes of the 1st season back in the summer, but we figured we'd give it another shot since it's so critically acclaimed and people seem to love it. Thus far, it's not overly interesting. Does it get more interesting? We just watched the episode where Cooper has a heart attack. So that was more interesting. Also, could they get someone more blah to play Betty Draper? I know she's supposed to be blah, but someone like Jessica Chastain could at least play blah more interestingly.

I watched Whiplash again this week. I've now seen it three times since January, and seriously, this movie is incredible. I've decided I can't really trust anyone who dislikes this movie (do people like that even exist? Apparently they do because there are 12 rotten reviews on RT.) But yeah, this movie is just so incredibly solid. It's just so good...

So now that I've seen Nightcrawler (which I watched 2 days in a row, by the way) and The Guest, I think I'm probably going to start putting together my top 10 list for 2014. A few months late, yeah, but I needed that time to be able to see everything worth seeing.

Also, I've updated my Best Picture Rankings to include Birdman. Now that I've seen it twice and it's been over a month since it's won, I feel I have settled on how I feel about the movie as a whole, so it's been updated. It's ranking is #18, right after My Fair Lady, and just behind The Deer Hunter. You can check out the full list here.

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