Friday, 13 March 2015

So Fetch Friday

So here comes another entry for So Fetch Friday. I know the last time I posted on here was last week's entry. But I promise I have a few posts coming up. This weekend I'm going to see Cinderella, and I'll likely provide a review (or at least a few thoughts) on it here. As well, I still have my Blindspot for this month, and hopefully that'll also be coming soon.

Right now my husband and I are planning our trip to Ireland. We're leaving in less than a month, and I'm pretty excited. So I definitely need to indulge on a few Irish movies before I go. Leap Year was a film I liked when it came out, so maybe I'll check that out again. Also, I've never seen PS I Love You? Part of me feels like that's a film I shouldn't really bother with.

Anyway, we're almost at the end of Breaking Bad! We just watched the episode "Ozymandias" last night, so we only have two left. SPOILERS AHEAD: I am so mad that Hank died! But like, I guess someone needed to die that was close to Walt to realize exactly what he's done to everyone around him. But still! Him and Marie have been through so much! But I know Walt dying is inevitable at this point so like, Marie and Skyler can just be widows together. But still, I'm so sad. So unfair! But yeah, seriously, that episode was craaaazy. I'm so eager to see how this all finishes! Will likely watch the last two episodes this evening. end spoilers.

As well, I was able to catch up with a few 2014 movies that I didn't have time to see in theatres. Things are finally releasing on DVD and I'm kind of the best at getting really good holds at my local library.

The first I watched was Dear White People. This was a film I was really looking forward to. I'd read a lot of good stuff about it and was eager to see what I think. As someone who doesn't like in the US, but lives in Canada, race is very different here. I mean, everywhere has it's racist problems, and Canada isn't immune to that, but the problems in America just seem to be so different from things in Canada. At least, ours isn't as nearly as large scale. Although admittedly, I do live in one of the most multicultural cities in the country, so I have no idea what it's like in smaller, mainly white towns, but where I live, it's weird when the majority of people in a room are white. No, seriously, it wasn't weird to go to class in high school and be one of only a handful of white kids. But anyway, the movie itself was pretty good. Tessa Thompson as Sam White was awesome! In the end, I wasn't exactly sure what the movie was trying to say. The stance it was taking was unclear. My guess is that it's saying you shouldn't have to "prove yourself" to others. Either by trying to be "really black" or prove you aren't that black and are more of a "white person inside". But it's just accepting who you are. And that goes for all characters involved. It starts a conversation, but I don't necessarily know what it's trying to add.

Another film I watched, just last night, was Fury. I'm a big Brad Pitt fan and I've been wanting to see it for a while, but I didn't want to see it bad enough when it was in theatres. War movies are always hit or miss with me. I love Bridge On the River Kwai, The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, but I'm not a huge fan of American Sniper or Saving Private Ryan. So I was unsure how I'd like this. The rah-rah American films never go down well with me and I was glad to see Fury wasn't one of these films. Fury paints a bleak and unrelenting picture of the horrors of war. It's violent and bloody, but never because "blood is cool!" but because it wanted to show how much these soldiers went through, and how much of a toll it took. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the ending (I get it, it's a tad unrealistic) but I liked what it said at that end and what it did. Logan Lerman was the heart of the film, and he really proved himself, as an actor, to me. As well, Shia LaBeouf was actually really good. I'd like to see him take on more good roles (and less weird ones). Does Brad Pitt ever deliver something short of great? Seriously, this guy picks such great roles and this is another one. As well, I'm not really a superhero movie person, but I'm really interesting to see Suicide Squad now, since it'll be directed by David Ayer, who directed (and wrote) Fury.

I have a few more movies to catch up on, but I'll probably eventually post a top 10 list of 2014. I know it's already March, but there are so many movies I still haven't seen that I know I need to (Nightcrawler, Big Hero 6, Mommy, etc). So hopefully that'll also be coming up soon. Have a good weekend everyone!

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