Friday, 6 March 2015

So Fetch Friday

I've decided to join in on doing So Fetch Friday! As put by creator, Girl Meets Cinema, it's "a weekly post challenge inspiring bloggers to chat about good experiences in your offline life, fandoms you are looking forward to, and generally things found around the internet that are SO FETCH." So here's my first post!

Breaking Bad
-guys, i'm finally getting to the end of Breaking Bad! I'm halfway through season 5. Yes, I'm soooo behind and I know this came out like a year ago, but I'm often late to the party. I loved season 4 and felt like it almost could've ended there. This season is really different, but it's super interesting. I just kind of love Jesse Pinkman, like, so much. He's just gotten so mixed up in everything, and I know he didn't imagine getting this deep. I'm just really eager to see how this all ends for him! 

Gilmore Girls
-A show I've been really slowly watching and I'm still not done the first season. But I totally get why so many people love it. The wit! The coffee! The cute guys Rory dates! (Also, how is Rory a short form for Lorelai? This part always confuses me). But her and Dean are just super cute at this point. But I figure she'll eventually get together with Chad Michael Murray. And how long will it take for Lorelai and the coffee guy Luke to get together? These are the big questions... 

-I finally, finally rewatched Birdman after seeing it like 5 months ago in theatres. All I can think about is the ending! I liked it so much better this time through (not that I disliked it the first time, but I wasn't crazy about it). But yeah, that ending, man. I have 2 theories for it and I just can't decide which one I think definitely happened. One of them goes to my cynical side and the other to my love of happy endings. Also, having seen this after Michael Keaton lost at the Oscars, I feel like it wasn't as big of a robbery as people think. It feels really sentimental on most people's parts. I feel like he was kind of constantly outshined by Ed Norton and Emma Stone. Seriously, if JK Simmons and Patricia Arquette weren't around, they probably could've easily walked away with Oscars and I'd be totally down for them winning and not Keaton. But that's just me. 

Speaking of Keaton being "robbed", the cool thing lately is to despise Eddie Redmayne? This is confusing to me. I mean, yeah I guess he keeps doing "baity" movies that attract awards attention, but I feel like he's more just getting offered awesome parts and he takes them. I mean, do you blame him for accepting any role he has (besides like, Jupiter Ascending? But on paper it sounded like it could've been good). I'm happy for the guy and think the hate and the insinuations of Oscar "thirst" is kind of unreasonable, but I'm always one of those people who defends the things most people hate... go figure... 

Honestly, this is kind of all that is happening in my life right now. Besides rewatching Friends and occasionally rewatching Parks and Recreation (aka my favourite show ever), I'm basically just going to work, coming home, occasionally baking, and going to sleep. I have the privilege of  my work hours being from 6am to 2:30pm so I feel like I'm perpetually tired, and this weekend I get to spend with High School kids at snow camp (run through our church, at which my husband and I volunteer with the Sr Highs). Yay! 

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