Friday, 18 July 2014

Final Best Picture Ranking

So now that I'm officially done this project, I knew I had to update how everything ranked for me. I know, this probably has a lot of controversial opinions (The Godfather Part II doesn't crack the top 10, and neither does Lawrence of Arabia). I've always tried to balance how well the movie is made, how "good" it is critically, and just how much I enjoyed watching it. Keep in mind, a lot of these films I have only seen once, so these positions could definitely change upon more watches. Even since the last time I've posted, things have shuffled around a little bit, either because of rewatches or simply because they've aged better upon me. However, this is how we stand as of now.

Feel free to leave comments on how much you agree/disagree.

88. Cimarron- 49/100
Boring, racist, and more boring.

87.  How Green Was My Valley- 55/10
Again, pretty boring. At least it was well acted this time, though.

 86.  West Side Story- 56/100
I'm sorry, street gangs who dance ballet while trying to stab each other, all while singing. Plus it's a "modern Romeo and Juliet". Just not my thing.

85. Tom Jones- 59/100
Cheesy, hokey and just not good.

84.  Crash- 59/100
Really overt and preachy. Ludacris was my favourite though. 

83.  The Last Emperor- 60.5/100
Just so... irrelevant? This was really bizarre and strange. The little kids were cute, at least.

82.  Braveheart- 61/100
Terrible, terrible. So innaccurate and so romanticized. Plus Mel Gibson is so miscast

81. The Broadway Melody- 61.5/100
Not terrible for such an old film. At least I recognized some of the music!

80. Around the World in 80 Days- 61.5/100
Had a fun start, but didn't change pace much, and it got old, fast.

79.  The Greatest Show on Earth- 62/100
The circus scenes were admittedly impressive, but they didn't need to show all of them, in full.

78.  American Beauty- 62/100
Sex movies just never go down well with me.

77.  All The King’s Men- 62/100
Well acted, but rather dry.

76. Hamlet- 63/100
Shakespeare is Shakespeare. At least we had Laurence Olivier (and the woman who played his mother was 11 year younger than him. Doesn't get better than that)

75.  Cavalcade- 63/100
A "highlights" of the first 25ish years of the 1900's. Not much character development.

74. The Great Ziegfeld- 63.5/100
Like The Greatest Show On Earth, the musical scenes were incredibly impressive (and the first few were great to watch). But essentially watching an entire stage show a few times over gets a little old.

73.  Shakespeare In Love- 63.5/100
I mean, it's a nice chick flick. It's cute and historically innaccurate. It's fun. But Best Picture? really?

72.  Out of Africa- 63.5/100
I love Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, but this movie was just a little too "romantic epic" (lacking the epicness)

71.  Rocky- 64/100
Wow, overrated. Slower and more dull than you'd think.

70.  Going My Way- 64.5/10
I like Bing Crosby, but this film was very safe, so also not so interesting.

69. From Here to Eternity- 64.5/100
Well acted and interesting, but it's one of many wars films, and just a little too "romantic" for my taste. The Pearl Harbor scenes were great, though.

68.  Patton- 65.5/100
As a Canadian, I have little appreciation for American flag-waving films. This was very flag-waving and very American. At least George C. Scott gave a fantastic performance.

67.  Midnight Cowboy- 66/100
Controversial film, and kind of rightly so. However, it's another sex movie (for part of it anyway) and I'm just not overly interested in that.

66.Terms of Endearment- 67/100
I love Shirley MacLaine, and this had some nice moments in it. But overall was just kind of whatever and blah. Not bad, not great.

65.  Forrest Gump- 68/100
One of the most overrated films ever. Especially when comparing it to great films like Shawkshank Redemption or Pulp Fiction 

64. Gandhi- 68.5/100
Ben Kingsley was phenomenal as Gandhi, but the film itself wasn't so much. It took a rather on the fence view of the man and didn't really have much to say. For 3 hours.

63.  The English Patient- 69/100
Gotta love Ralph Fiennes, but another war/romance movie. I'm a little tired of both.

62- Mrs. Miniver- 69/100
This had some interesting moments in it and had they focused on those, it could've been a lot more interesting. However, it was well acted but a little safe. (Plus more war!)

61.  Ordinary People- 70/100
I honestly don't much remember how I felt about this film. Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland were great, and it had a good message about depression.

60. Grand Hotel- 70.25/100
A fun movie with a whole slew of stars of the time. While it's been a little overdone these days, it was definitely fun to watch.

59.  Dances With Wolves- 70.5/100
Faster-paced and more interesting than I expected. But not quite worthy of Best Picture.

58.  Rebecca- 70.5/100
I thought there would be ghosts and was disappointed that the new Mrs De Winter was only haunted by memory and not anything else. Still, very taut and thrilling.

57.  All Quiet On the Western Front- 70.5/100
Ages really well for being so old. I initially first watched this film in high school (and thought it was a bore) but the messages in the film are fascinating.

56.  A Man For All Seasons- 72/100
A Christian film that the Christian community loves. It had an interesting story for sure, but was a little slow. 

55. Wings- 72/100
Held up extremely well for it's age. The only authentic silent film to win, and it's aerial fight scenes are still so good.

54.  In the Heat of the Night- 72.5/100
I love a good crime/mystery movie, and this one was interesting, but definitely not the fast pace my generation is used to.

53.  Chariots of Fire- 72.75/100
So much running. So little chariots. Acting was good, story interesting, but aged music and slow pace bring it down.

52.  The Life of Emile Zola- 73/100
Could've been so much better than it was. The Dreyfus Affair is so interesting but the film was just alright.

51. You Can't Take It With You- 73.5/100
Quirky, fun, cute, romantic comedy. Guy from upper class, proper family falls for girl from an absolutely crazy and artsy family. Plus Jimmy Stewart is only 20 in this film!

50. Mutiny On The Bounty- 74/100
Interesting for sure, and I do love Clark Gable. But it was a little preachy, and definitely biased.

  49.  Gigi- 74/100
I'm a sucker for 60's musicals sometimes.

48.  The Artist- 74/100

It's a fun little movie and I adore the ending (both the gun scene and the tap-dancing) but I can't believe such a fluffy film would win Best Picture. 

47.  Driving Miss Daisy- 75/100
I don't care, I enjoyed this movie. My views could change on where this stands if I rewatch it, but for now, I really enjoyed it.   

46.  Gone with the Wind- 75/100
Long, but really fantastic. The visuals and stunning and Vivien Leigh is kind of the best. So is Clark Gable.

45.  The French Connection- 75/100
Another cop film, which was interesting. But car chase scene was definitely the highlight.

44.  The Godfather Part II- 76/100

Yeah, sorry guys. Really unpopular opinion here but, compared to Part 1, I really didn't care for this movie. I found Al Pacino's character not interesting at all, and though Robert De Niro stole the show

43. Unforgiven- 76/100
A great Western, and Clint is still grouchy as usual. But thrilling and has some awesome moments.

42.  Million Dollar Baby- 76/100
I cried like an absolute baby. I had no idea what was coming, and was glad for it.

41.  The Departed- 76/10
(Updated ranking: 3/4/2016) The Departed is a very entertaining thriller, with lots of twists and turns. The acting is fantastic and while it is much more commercial than a lot of other winners, it's still a smart movie. 

40.  It Happened One Night- 76/100
Another cute romantic comedy, and so much fun to watch. Plus Clark Gable again!

39.  Slumdog Millionaire- 76/100
Good movie, but not that good. I could've done without Dev Patel and had the whole movie about the little kids, they were so good.

398The King’s Speech- 76/100
I know it's not the best made film, but I do love it and Colin Firth is so great.

37.  Rain Man- 76.5/100
Dustin Hoffman, okay? He is pretty much everything.

36.  Lawrence of Arabia- 77/100
Too many camels! And was just too long and slow for me. 

35.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest- 77/100
Jack Nicholson is great and the ending is devastating.

34.  An American In Paris- 77.5/100
I just love Gene Kelly and tap-dancing. It's a little overlong and not nearly as good as Singin' In the Rain, but I do still enjoy it.

33.  Chicago- 77.5/100
This was just a lot of fun to watch.

32.  Marty- 77.5/100
I really loved the message of the film. It's such an interesting piece and so different from anything else that's won.

31. Platoon- 77.5/100
Fantastic anti-war messages but just a little heavy for me. Plus Charlie Sheen is kind of off-putting.

30.  A Beautiful Mind- 77.5/100
I know it's not historically accurate and almost trivializes mental health, but it's still a fascinating movie and I really didn't see the twist coming!

29.  Amadeus- 78/100
The music is fab (obviously) and the performances great. Still, a little too long.

28.  The Lost Weekend- 78/100
So interesting, and so well made.

27.  Oliver!- 78.25/100
I grew up with this movie so sorry haters, but I'm openly biased on this one. The music is just so good!

26.  Kramer vs Kramer- 78.5/100
Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep makes a perfect movie for me.

25. Spotlight- 78.5/100
A good winner, but it wasn't the best of the nominees. 

24.  The Gentleman’s Agreement- 78.5/100
Gregory Peck is another awesome person. And while the views of the film were limited, it was also really interesting.

23.  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- 79/100
I am a mild LoTR fan... The Fellowship of the Ring was the best of the three and if any should've won it should've been that, but I see the reasoning.

22.  Argo- 81/100
I had a great time watching it. Sure, it's a bit of a weak win, but it's a heck of a good and thrilling movie. It was a good balance of not being too serious or too funny.

21.  The Sound of Music- 81/100
Another film I grew up with. Plus Julie Andrews is the best.

20.  My Fair Lady- 82/100
I wouldn't necessarily call myself an Audrey fan (I think this is her only film I've seen). But like I said, 60's musical.

19. Birdman or (the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)- 84/100 
While not necessarily my favourite film of the year, this is something very different to win Best Picture. It's solidly acted and well-written with a really interesting commentary on modern cinema, blockbuster films, actors and going through a mid-life crisis. 

18.  The Best Years of Our Lives- 84/100
Portrayed such realism about coming home from war. All the performances were so great, and everything felt so authentic. This is a film that feels ahead of it's time. 

17. The Deer Hunter- 84/100
The Vietnam scenes are so incredible. I don't care if they're controversial, it made for good cinema. 

16. The Apartment- 84/100
Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine are so great together. Again, darker than I expected it to be, but still so great.

15.  Gladiator- 85/100
Yeah, unpopular but I love this movie. And I cry every time!

14.  The Hurt Locker- 87/100
This was my kind of war film. Similar to Platoon, but corrected all the mistakes Platoon had.

       13.  No Country For Old Men- 87/100
Javier Bardem. Just go see it for him. It's a great film, and a deserving win (both for Bardem and the Coens)

12. The Silence of the Lambs- 89/100
Yep, 2 awesome baddies in a row. But the eye acting of Anthony Hopkins (see gif above) is so good, and Jodie Foster is awesome!

11.  12 Years A Slave- 90/100
This film is phenomenal and the most deserving win in a long time.

10. Titanic- 94/100
Yeah, I love this movie. Can you blame me for being a girl sometimes?

9. Ben-Hur- 94/100
Originally my number 2. The chariot race is great and I thought Charleton Heston rocked it.

 8. The Bridge On the River Kwai- 91/100
A war film that had very little battle scenes. I loved this one.

7.  The Godfather- 91/100
All for Marlon Brando. Maybe that's what I didn't like Part II as much. Brando is the best part.

6. Casablanca- 91/100
Need I explain anything? Romantic and thrilling!

5. Annie Hall- 92/100
Hilarious and poignant. I love this film.

4. The Sting- 92/100
Higher than most people rank it, but I loved this film a lot. Paul Newman and Robert Redford are such a perfect duo and the twist is excellent.

3. All About Eve- 95/100
I love how female-centred this film is. Bette Davis is a powerhouse.


2. Schindler’s List- 97/100
Devastating and beautiful. Everything about this movie is horrible and perfect.

1. On The Waterfront- 97.5/100
Yeah, I love Marlon Brando. Plus Eva Marie Saint is perfect. Just see this film, it's perfect.


  1. I'm almost a year late commenting on this but I just happened upon your site. I jumped over from Dell on Movies when you won his Spot the Movie Title contest. Congratulations!

    It's impressive that you were able to rate all the films. I like that you went with personal preference rather than critical acclaim. I'm close to seeing all the winners, I have three left-Schindler's List, The Deer Hunter and 12 Years a Slave. I really should be done by now but those three all seem so grim I've been putting them off although I'm finally getting around to Schindler in the next couple of days.

    I'm waiting until I see them all to do a full rating but thought I'd be able to do a top 15 and bottom easily. Wrong! It was simple to do the worst but after the initial top 5 I struggled a bit with the rest. We share some of the same choices, more so in the worst than best. Best is subjective but sometimes bad is just bad...Cimarron, Around the World in 80 Days are flat out dreadful. Here are my 15 top & bottom in descending order.

    Top 15
    Gone With the Wind
    From Here to Eternity
    All About Eve
    The Best Years of Our Lives
    All Quiet on the Western Front
    Terms of Endearment
    The Artist
    Mrs. Miniver
    The Apartment
    My Fair Lady
    The Godfather

    Bottom 15
    An American in Paris
    The Last Emperor
    The Departed
    Slumdog Millionaire
    The Hurt Locker
    Annie Hall
    Lawrence of Arabia
    LOTR: The Return of the King
    Forrest Gump
    Chariots of Fire
    Around the World in 80 Days

    1. Thanks so much! I thought it would be fun to try and balance personal preference and critical acclaim for this list. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Ranking everything is just so difficult, but I agree, some of these films are definitely just bad!

      It's fun seeing how different people's lists can be! You have some very different choices than me in your top/bottom 15. Which is fine, and it makes projects like watching all Best Picture winners so fun. Thank for the comment!