Friday, 11 July 2014

No Country For Old Men (Updated Review)

No Country For Old Men was the very first winner I watched when starting this project in October of 2011, 2 and a half years ago. I felt I gave it an unfair review and have watched since then. My initial review complained that the DVD box had claimed this was to be an action packed thriller. I'd like to clarify that I am remembering this wrongly and that it mentioned psychological thriller. So many of my comments and indeed my attitude going into was affected by this. So I felt a second watch (and sometime soon, a third) was needed.

This Coen's Brothers film is incredibly tense and masterfully filmed. The action is fantastic and is filled with moments to keep you on the edge of your seat. However, it's not a typical thriller. This one is very contemplative and intuitive. There's a lot of symbolism going on here. The balance between action and calmer moments is almost perfect. However, my only complaint about the film is that we have a very sudden change with about 10 minutes left. It's abrupt and doesn't seem to fit the rest of the film. It feels almost like a false ending, a trick, but never turns out to be.

However, as anyone will tell you, the acting is pitch perfect in this film. Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, and especially Javier Bardem. Bardem is beyond incredible in this film and his win is extremely deserving. Did he really even have much competition that year?

Either way, this is a solid film, though it definitely isn't a film for everyone. It's a little slow moving, but is never boring. However, slow movies aren't exactly the fair for the general audience these days, it seems, between all the superhero films.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give a quick update of status and ranking, and give some updated comments to better reflect how I now feel about this film (my comments 2.5 years ago were a little unfair.) I still stand that the cinematography was gorgeous, the acting impressive, the directing good, but wanted to update my personal thoughts on it.

Acting- 9.5/10 
Directing- 8.5/10 
Screenplay- 8/10 
Visuals- 9/10 
Music- 7.5/10 
Emotional Connection- 7/10 
Entertainment- 8/10 
Rewatchability- 7/10 
Overall Enjoyment- 8/10 
Overall Package- 8.5/10       

Total: 81/100

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