Monday, 14 July 2014

Wings + Final Best Picture Review!

Guys, guys, guys! This is my final Best Picture Winner Review!

I finally watched my last Best Picture winner over the weekend, and I thought I'd end with the very first winner. All in all, it's been an extremely rewarding project to work on, even if it took way longer than it should've.

I started this project in October of 2011, back when I was 19 and still in college. Now over 2 and a half years later, I'm 22, married and working full time. It's strange to think how far I've progressed since starting this project. Each year following this I tried to watch every Best Picture nominee of the current year, as well as making my way through the previous winners.

I'll be posting a final list of how everything ranks sometime this week, but in the meantime, here's a photo of me finishing it off!

Wings, 1927
Directed by William A. Wellman
Nominated for 3 Oscars, Won 2

Wings tells the story about two men going off to war. One rich, one middle class, and both in love with the same woman. The rich one, David, is loved back by Slyvia, but Jack is not, though he is under the impression that she does. However, his next door neighbour, Mary, has been in love with him her whole life, but is constantly rejected by Jack. WWI starts and the two men who start out as rivals, become best friends while in training in the air force. 

Wings, honestly, was really not bad! It's over 2 hours and silent, but the film went at a decent speed, constantly had things happening and did try to develop it's characters. Especially worth mentioning is the special effects for all the aerial battle scenes. They were really fantastic for the time period, I was quite impressed! 

However, this movie wasn't perfect. With a film this old, you do get a lot of exaggerated acting, and some of the story line was a little ridiculous and unbelievable. 

I don't really have much more to say about this. I'm excited to have finished this! This film is so old but was quite well done that I don't have a lot of complaints about it that aren't a result of it's time period. So I'll just give you my rating!

Acting- 7.5/10 
Directing- 8/10 
Screenplay- 7/10 
Visuals- 9/10 
Music- 7/10 
Emotional Connection- 7/10 
Entertainment- 7/10 
Rewatchability- 5/10 
Overall Enjoyment- 7/10 
Overall Package- 7.5/10       

Total: 72/100

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