Sunday, 15 January 2012

Golden Globe Winners

Well, well, another awards show come and gone, and just  another step closer to the Oscars! Last post I made predictions for the Film Section of the Golden Globes, and here I'll post the winners and we'll see how well I did.

Best Motion Picture Drama-
Prediction: The Descendants
Winner: The Descendants

While I was really rooting for War Horse, I had a feeling The Descendants would come out on top though felt Hugo was the biggest contender, seeing as it won Best Director. However, I'm happy about this win, it was very deserving.

Best Actress-Drama
Prediction: Viola Davis (The Help)
Winner: Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)

I'm not quite sure why I predicted Viola, when I had such a huge hunch that Meryl would win the Golden Globe. I was sad to see Viola lose out this round, but still feel, in the end, she'll be taking home the Oscar.
(Half a point for me?)

Best Actor- Drama
Prediction: George Clooney (The Descendants)
Winner: George Clooney (The Descendants)

I've read so many places that they felt Brad Pitt was better this year, but I disagree. Brad was great in Moneyball, but George was just fantastic in The Descendants, and I'm really happy to see him win. Officially the Oscar frontrunner.

Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical
Prediction: The Artist
Winner: The Artist

Is anyone surprised? Really? This one was a complete shoe in and there was very little competition in this arena. Well deserved, well deserved.

Best Actress- Comedy or Musical
Prediction: Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn)
Winner: Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn)

Having not seen the film yet (though currently reading the book), Michelle is almost a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination, making her the obvious frontrunner in this category. I'm sure she's brilliant.

Best Actor- Comedy or Musical
Prediction: Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
Winner: Jean Dujardin (The Artist)

He was so brilliant in this film, though George was slightly better in the Descendants, it's nice to see Jean get some recognition for his wonderful silent acting. Congrats!

Best Animated Film
Prediction: Rango
Winner: The Adventures of Tin-Tin

I was slightly surprised at this. Rango had recently won the Critics Choice Award, and Tin-Tin had only received mediocre reviews from critics. Having seen 0 of the films, I've heard the best about Rango. No opinion, really. Though I still think Kung-Fu Panda 2 was the best animated film of the year (alongside Rio)

Best Foreign Film
Prediction: A Separation
Winner: A Separation

Having not seen any of the foreign films, only having heard such good reviews of this one, I'm just glad I got it right!

Best Supporting Actress
Prediction: Octavia Spencer (The Help)
Winner: Octavia Spencer (The Help)

I am so totally on the Octavia/Davis boat this year, and was so happy to see Octavia win it. She's so sweet and funny, and so totally deserving.

Best Supporting Actor
Prediction: Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
Winner: Christopher Plummer (Beginners)

Again, are any of us surprised? In what feels like, to me, a weak year in the men's acting category (specifically supporting actors) Christopher Plummer has been sweeping the awards this year. Will we be surprised to hear his name called come Oscar night? nope.

Best Director
Prediction: Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist)
Winner: Martin Scorsese (Hugo)

I was slightly surprised for this win. Having though Hazanavicius did such a terrific directing job (and I don't usually notice directing) I thought he was a shoe-in. But Martin Scorsese is a seasoned veteran for this well-loved not-all-that-kid friendly-as-they-say film, Hugo.

Best Screenplay
Prediction: Moneyball (Steve Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chervin)
Winner: Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen)

It's funny, while watching the show I was like, blah blah, it'll probably be like Midnight in Paris (not remembering my predictions) and then was happy thinking I HAD predicted Midnight in Paris. But I didn't. While I haven't seen it yet (I will on Saturday!) I'm sure it was good.

Best Original Score
Prediction: The Artist (Ludovic Bource)
Winner: The Artist (Ludovic Bource)

Again, rooting my heart out for War Horse, but knew The Artist would steal this one away.

Best Original Song
Prediction: The Living Proof (The Help- Mary J. Blidge)
Winner: Masterpiece (W.E.- Madonna)

Was anyone else really surprised? I was scoffing at Madonna the whole evening, and having read terrible reviews for the film, I thought The Living Proof would be a shoe-in, seeing as it's one of the front-runners for the Academy Awards, but Madonna won. Honestly, not happy.

So there we have it, folks! I got 9.5/14, totally a 67%, which isn't that great. Hopefully I do better come SAGs.

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