Friday, 10 July 2015

So Fetch Friday: Books to Movies + Brooklyn Trailer

Happy Friday everyone! I can't be happier it's Friday. Work has been oddly busy and somewhat stressful the past two weeks. Unusual because I'm generally never really that busy, nor has this job never really made me stressed. Thankfully though, I've had time to wind down by watching movies, and some TV, and even reading a book or two.

I got a chance to rewatch Drive. I haven't seen it since I first watched it. I still feel kind of whatever about the movie. But I totally forgot Bryan Cranston was in it! It was fun seeing him play someone so un-Walter White-ish. Ryan Gosling was good, but I don't think he was as good as I remember. As well, I don't really understand what the fuss was about Albert Brooks. He was good, but the part was so small. Also, I realize he voices Marlin in Finding Nemo so it was humorous to picture Marlin saying all the lines Albert Brooks had. The music for this movie is super awesome though, and I wish Christina Hendricks was able to be in more of the movie. She's just so great.

Speaking of Hendricks, I finished off season 5 of Mad Men. This season had me pretty hooked, especially since I'd accidently came upon a major spoiler for this season (I'm sure you know which big spoiler I'm talking about, if you've seen this season). But still, it was nice to finally get to see a lot more about Joan, and seeing Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser together was fun (they're married in real life!). I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this ends, now that there's only 2 more season left.

I mentioned I read a few books. Both of which have the film rights picked up, so I'm interested to see if they'll get made anytime soon. The first I finished off was The Girl On The Train. There's been rumors that Emily Blunt may be starring in this one. She's be playing the lead role of Rachel, who's an unemployed alcoholic. Blunt is definitely not who I pictured for this role at all (I pictured someone more like Rosemarie DeWitt, but British) but I'm happy to just see Emily Blunt just get parts in movies because she's really fantastic. I just don't understand though, the obsession with people comparing thriller/mystery/crime books like this with Gone Girl. Is it because it's a crime story that has a woman at the centre? Because the next book I'm going to mention also gets Gone Girl comparisons and I really don't understand because neither of these books are that much like it at all. This book did remind me of When I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson. But look how that movie turned out..

The other book I finished reading is called Luckiest Girl Alive. For whatever reason, this is also getting Gone Girl comparisons (still not sure why). However, like Gone Girl, Reese Witherspoon helped secure the rights to the book to Lionsgate and will serve as a produced. Unlike Gone Girl, I could actually see Reese play the main character, if she wants to. However, no casting news as of yet, so we'll see when/if this gets made. Honestly, I can't really picture it as a movie, but it could be interesting. It was a moderately good book, but it didn't really hold anything to Gillian Flynn.

Did you guys see the trailer for Brooklyn? Personally, I'm quite excited to see this as it got great reviews out of Sundance, and I've been kind of waiting for Saoirse Ronan to get a second Oscar nomination. Also, I just love Domhnall Gleeson, so seeing him in anything is great.

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