Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada Day! The day Canada officially became a country back 148 years ago. Canada is such a lovely country, if I do say so myself. While sadly, I have seen extremely little of it, Canada has been the backdrop of millions of movies and have produced many huge stars. While Canada doesn't always get fair recognition (can you name many films that were set in Canada?), we're a country that is well-used in the film industry. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite films that actually are set in Canada, and name a few of my favourite Canadian stars!

Movies Set in Canada

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
Unashamedly Canadian, and such a fun movie! Scott Pilgrim features so much of Canada (from Second Cup to Pizza Pizza to Casa Loma) it's one of the movies that immediatly comes to mind when I think of movies set in Canada. The city I live in even gets a shoutout! (Though it definitely helps that its the same city that Michael Cera originates from!)

The F Word
Another film featuring Toronto as Toronto, The F Word (or otherwise known to the world as What If) is one of my favourite romantic comedies. It even cracked my top 10 movies of 2014!

X2: X-Men United
X-Men has always had Canadian ties with Wolverine being a Canadian, but the latter half of the film was set in Alberta, bringing us a fantastic final part of the film.

Mommy was such an interesting and weird and beautiful experience. Director Xavier Dolan himself also hails from Canada, and the film is set in Quebec. A beautiful and heartbreaking film. Check it out!

The Grand Seduction
Okay, I didn't overly care for this, but it's such a beautiful depiction of the East and Brendan Gleeson is just so much fun.

Favourite Canadian Actors

Ryan Gosling
Born In: London, ON
Notable Films: Lars and the Real Girl, Blue Valentine, The Notebook
This man is way overdue for another Oscar nomination! I'm still unhappy that he was snubbed for both Lars and Blue Valentine

Rachel McAdams
Born In: London, ON
Notable Films: Mean Girls, The Notebook, Midnight In Paris
I love her, even if she really hasn't been given material she deserves. I hope she can one day get her McConaissance.

Jim Carrey
Born In: Newmarket, ON
Notable Films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Liar Liar, the Truman Show
Jim Carrey is such a guilty pleasure. My family is never endingly quoting Bruce Almighty.

Donald Sutherland
Born In: Saint John, NB
Notable Roles: Ordinary People, MASH, The Hunger Games
I wish I've seen more of his stuff, but he seems like such an amazing guy. Also, how did he get snubbed for Ordinary People?

Christopher Plummer
Born In: Toronto, ON
Notable Roles: the Sound of Music, A Beautiful Mind, Beginners
Again, someone I haven't seen a lot of, but he just seems like the cutest old man!

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