Friday, 8 May 2015

So Fetch Friday: More Movie Catch-Up

Sorry that I missed another week but I was kind of busy and just lost track of time. But I'm back for this weeks' posting.

Once again, I had quite a few new movies out from the library, so we've been trying to get through them. We watched Into The Woods, finally, last week. I actually quite enjoyed it, even if it did start to feel a tad long. I like the unconventional directions it ended up taking and the messages it had. Also, Emily Blunt is kind of my favourite right now, so it was great seeing her in something. The music was really great, and Meryl Streep, as always was great. I had thought I heard people say she wasn't in it much or that she was just good, and not nomination worthy. And while I agree it didn't really merit a nomination, she was still really great. It's kind of a shame that Emily Blunt missed on a nomination. Oh well.

Another film that we finally got around to watching was Big Eyes. Honestly, what RottenTomatoes says about it, and it's rating, is pretty much spot on. Big Eyes was a pretty good movie. Nothing amazing about it, but it's not a bad movie at all. It's an interesting story that was told competently. Amy Adams was fine as Margaret Keane, and Christoph Waltz looked like he had a lot of fun being the scumbag. That court room scene at the end was kind of ridiculous, but I kind of really liked it too. I understand why it didn't end up getting much critical acclaim. It was good, not amazing.

As well, my husband and I attempted to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings, but, oh my goodness, what a soap opera that was. Every "character" (and using the word character is definitely a stretch) was so melodramatic. We stopped after the first hour to make dinner and didn't even bother to turn it back on. It felt like it was trying way too hard. I was disappointed we didn't finish, mostly because I wanted to see Aaron Paul, but it honestly wasn't really worth it. It was also kind of appalling that they felt the need to have all the "important" lead characters be white, while they were fine having everyone else be middle Eastern looking. It's sad that Ridley Scott felt that he needed his leads to be white, because that's obviously how he feels.

Anyway, there's not much more going on in my life right now. I go to work everyday (at a pretty terrible job that I'm grateful to have) and spend my free time watching Mad Men (of which we're now in the 3rd season- go us!) and watching Gilmore Girls (such a guilty, guilty pleasure). As well, I'm super pissed that The Mindy Project is cancelled. And I know it's in talks with Hulu, but Mindy Kaling is just too popular of a person right now for this show not to get picked up somewhere. It just better come back soon! I want to see this amazingly dressed half-Indian, half-Italian baby and see the conflicts Mindy and Danny have over parenting (and eventually weddings). Please, come back!

As well, I'm finally, finally, finally in the process of writing my top 10 Films of 2014 list. I just want to rewatch one of them over the weekend to finalize where it'll land on the list, but expect that out soon!

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