Friday, 9 January 2015

True Detective + Golden Globe Predictions

Yeah, it's been a few weeks since I've done one of these. Between all the holidays, I just didn't really have time. Plus I've been down with a cold for about a week now.

But one thing I did do over those holidays is finally got around to watching True Detective. Oh man, what a show! It started off a little slowly, but I got majorly sucked in. McConaughey and Harrelson were the perfect match-up, in like every way. They're so different from each other but I feel like they worked so well together. Both gave such incredible performances and the story was so complex and layered. Which is always my favourite! However, did anyone else think Marty Hart looked like an
older Peeta from the Hunger Games? Anyone? Still, the show was amazing and I'm pretty bummed that McConaughey lost out to Bryan Cranston at the Emmys.

Anyway, Award season is full steam ahead. I try to watch all the potential (and actual) Best Picture nominees every year, so trying to figure out what those are and trying to see them while still in theatres has proved extremely difficult this year. Of all the potentials, I've only see The Theory of Everything, the Imitation Game, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Gone Girl. Movies like Whiplash and Nightcrawler were films that weren't on my radar when released in theatres and Foxcatcher still hasn't made it's way anywhere close enough for me to venture to see. I feel like this year has so many more limited releases (and smaller releases) than the past few years. Last year it wasn't too hard to find everything in theatres.

Anyway, since the Globes are this Sunday, I thought I'd do a quick little Will Win/Should Win for the Film section (because I haven't seen pretty much anything in the TV category besides True Detective). I feel like these predictions are going to be a complete crapshoot. Between the category splits and the HFPA always picky a few wacky winners and really enjoying their celebrities, I just never really know.

Best Picture (Drama)
Will Win: Boyhood
Should Win: Boyhood

I almost, almost, almost went with The Imitation Game on this one. Boyhood feels a little too indie for the Golden Globes, but it's just too strong not to win. And I fully support a win here.

Best Picture (Comedy/Musical)
Will Win: Birdman
Should Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

I just really love Wes Anderson. GBH is not my favourite movie from him but any wins for Wes Anderson makes me happy. However, Birdman is definitely going to be taking this one.

Best Actor (Drama)
Will Win: Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game)
Should Win: Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything)

Having seen both films, I do honestly think Redmayne's performance was superior, but I see Cumberbatch winning here. Having almost put Imitation Game as Best Picture (Drama) I do see it winning here. Though I honestly wouldn't be shocked if any of these nominees win. Seriously, any of them could win and I wouldn't really blink.

Best Actress (Drama)
Will Win: Julianne Moore (Still Alice)
Should Win: Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl)

Again, I feel like pretty much anyone could win this, especially someone like Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon. If Julianne Moore is going to lose any major award this year, it'll be here. However, I still think she will win. But wouldn't it be awesome if Rosamund won? Pleaaaaase.

Best Actor (Comedy/Musical)
Will Win: Michael Keaton (Birdman)
Should Win: Ralph Fiennes or Michael Keaton

Honestly, I don't think there's any stopping Michael Keaton, but I know we've all thought that in other years about other actors. Michael Keaton was indeed wonderful in Birdman, but I just loved Fiennes in GBH and he looked like he had so much fun. I'd love to see this upset.

Best Actress (Comedy/Musical)
Will Win: Emily Blunt (Into the Woods)
Should Win: I have literally not seen any of the movies up, so I'm going to go with Blunt because I love her.

I feel like Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and Emily Blunt all have shots at winning. But I think Blunt should take it here.

Supporting Actor
Will Win: JK Simmons (Whiplash)
Should Win: Edward Norton or Ethan Hawke

As always, I am suspicious of the HFPA and wonder if this will go to a bigger celebrity (like Norton) but I do see Simmons taking this.

Supporting Actress
Will Win: Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)
Should Win: Patricia Arquette or Emma Stone

I'm unsure of my pick for Arquette here. I feel like Emma Stone, Keira Knightley or Meryl Streep could all take this but I'm going to go with Arquette.

Will Win: Richard Linklater (Boyhood)
Should Win: Richard Linklater (Boyhood)

I feel like Linklater is going to have no problem bagging all the director prizes this year, similar to Cuaron last year.

Animated Film
Will Win: the Lego Movie
Should Win: the Lego Movie

Seriously, this movie is winning. And it so deserves to!

Will Win: Birdman
Should Win: Any of the nominees!

Honestly, anyone could win this and I think I'd be happy. The more love for Boyhood/GBH/Gone Girl the better, I say. Originally, I had picked Boyhood, but I think Birdman might just win out here. This is my wild card pick!

Foreign Language
Will Win: Ida
Should Win: ????

I need to start trying to watch the Foreign language films. Because I never do.

Original Score
Will Win: Antonio Sanchez (Birdman)
Should Win: Any!

Honestly, every single nominee in this category is fantastic and I'd be happy if any of them win. But I see Sanchez snagging it here. He's ineligible for the Oscar, so I see him winning here.

Original Song: 
Will Win: Glory (Selma)
Should Win: Everything is Awesome! (the Lego Movie)

Wait, Everything is Awesome isn't a nominee? What??? Anyway, this category is always stupid to me and I haven't listened to any of the songs so I don't really care. Selma seems like the best bet?

Anyway, there's my predictions. All safe picks for the most part. But honestly, they could go really safe, or they might not. I don't have any idea. I'm really unsure about my pick in Cumberbatch winning. I know GoldDerby predicts Redmayne (which I'd be super happy to see) but I'm going to stick with Cumberbatch. I guess that's my risky pick (is it really, though?)

Anyway, sadly I won't get to watch the whole show (I get up super early for work so I'll have to go to bed before the show is over), but I'm super looking forward to it. I just wish the TV nominations weren't so weird (seriously, why the absence of Brooklyn Nine-Nine when it freaking won last year?) It'll be fun, whatever wins! And goodness knows there will be a few weird wins!

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