Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January Blindspot: Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted is a movie I decided to watch for this Blindspot series, not because it's a critically-acclaimed film or because it's really popular (it's neither), but more because I just really wanted to see why Angelina Jolie has an acting Oscar. This is fair, right? I mean, I'm a big fan of her husband, Brad Pitt, and don't really understand why he hasn't won an (acting) Oscar yet. So I was just really curious as to what kind of performance Angelina Jolie gave. I admit, before this, I hadn't really seen her in very many movies. I've seen Mr and Mrs Smith, and I've seen Maleficent. Also, the first half hour of both Salt and the Tourist. So I was going in with not a lot of knowledge of her acting and abilities.

The story of Girl, Interrupted is a true one. It's about a young woman named Susanna Kaysen who gets admitted to Claymoore, a private mental hospital, for a variety of reasons. Claymoore is filled with lots of loud and crazy people, but none are more captivating (and persuasive) than Lisa, a diagnosed sociopath.

Angelina Jolie plays Lisa, the sociopath. Lisa is constantly in and out of Claymoore. She's wild and energetic, persuasive and manipulative and is suddenly taking Susanna "under her wing". Honestly, Jolie completely rocked the part of Lisa. It was just such a no holds barred, giving it everything performance. But Angelina didn't just go crazy and play it the easy way. It wasn't just a one note performance or a performance lacking nuance, like it very easily could've. Lisa could've easily been almost a caricature. But Angelina gave Lisa such depth and complexity. There are just so many different things going on with her. Honestly, Angelina Jolie deserved that Oscar. She really did.

Maybe it's because Angelina, these days, just seems so classy and regal and put-together is what made this performance so striking. Lisa is just the complete opposite of how I picture Angelina. It's so striking and absorbing.

Unforuntately, I can't really make the same praise for the rest of the movie. Honestly, every time Angelina left the screen, things got dull. It was much less exciting and much less passionate. The story was a bit blah and you didn't really care for anyone else besides Lisa.

Although, it was fun to see actors that I recognized for things they had done recently (namely Jared Leto and Elisabeth Moss). But overall, the film itself was only just passable and mediocre. It's Angelina Jolie who brings all life and electricity to the movie, and the Oscar it earned her is 100% deserved.

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