Friday, 5 December 2014

random thoughts on fridays (snowpiercer + award season)

To break things up, I just thought I'd post about random stuff. I mean, my blog is filled with mostly reviews or blogathons or whatever. So I thought I'd just post about random stuff and just write a typical blog post. I thought I'd try to do this once a week, so here we go...

I watched Snowpiercer a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, it was so fantastic. Like, so so good. I love how non-American it felt and just how much more guts it had than anything like it. I just don't get why this didn't get a bigger release than it did. Seriously, this is an R-rated Hunger Games starring Captain America. I definitely feel like if this had actually been marketed and released on a wider scale, there would've been a pretty solid audience. But yeah, Chris Evans proves to me that he is actually a really good actor. I mean, that scene where he's telling his story, right near the end? Yeah, so great. Also, Tilda Swinton is seriously underrated. Can I call her the quirky Meryl Streep? Because she kind of is. 

On a related note, limited releases sucks so much. I've been dying to see Foxcatcher for so long now, and this movie is just taking it's sweet time. It's been released now for a few weeks, but it's only playing downtown Toronto which, while not that far, takes a long time to get there, is inconvenient and I really don't have any time this time of year to just go. Here's to hoping it starts playing more places soon. Also, the Imitation Game better play at least somewhat close to me when it's released either next week or the week after. But yeah, Canada seems to be oddly behind on so many releases this year. I'm just happy that I was able to see Boyhood in theaters, and that I somehow was able to see the Theory of Everything at TIFF because goodness knows it's not really playing anywhere either. 

Also, I haven't see Mockingjay yet, and I really don't care. Weird for me, because I love the first two (and especially Catching Fire) but just really haven't bothered to go see it. I guess I will at some point but I'm thinking I'll just wait until my life gets a little less busy and go see it when it gets to the $5 theatre. That probably sounds like a better plan than spending a lot of money for what I hear is just a mediocre movie. 

Also, I'm getting ridiculously anxious and excited because I weirdly love Oscar season, and making predictions and who wins what, and ahhhhh. I love the competition and the guessing game and whatever. I've officially jumped on the "Boyhood for Best Picture" train. While I would love if Unbroken was fantastic (because the book was so great and Louis Zamperini's story is insane and amazing) but I don't really think it's going to happen and Boyhood seems the best bet after that. I mean, people are talking about Selma as well. If played right, it could get a big lift because of the whole civil rights thing going on in America right now, but I just don't (at this point) see another civil rights/"white guilt" movie winning two years in a row. I know they're different era's but I like to think the Academy can even provide a little more diversity with their winners. And yeah, I know Boyhood is probably way too indie to win, and that the Academy loves Jolie so Unbroken winning could still be a thing but I just really want Boyhood to win because, really, is there any other winner like it? Yep, I just love the speculation of it all. It's just too fun. 

Well, until next week...   (I hope this wasn't too random)  

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