Friday, 12 December 2014

pitch perfect + breaking + christmas (random thoughts on fridays)

so where i'm living got buckets of snow yesterday. so that's a lot of fun. driving to and from work was pretty scary and slippery. so because my husband and I didn't feel like doing much, we watched Pitch Perfect on Netflix last night. I'd seen it before and just felt like watching a movie we could just
mellow with and not need to think about. And Pitch Perfect is pretty good for just that. I forgot how apathetic I feel about that movie. It's just alright and the fact they do that one song like a million times and you get to hear it a million times is really tiring. But I do really like Anna Kendrick so it's worth a watch every so often, I suppose. Also, Elizabeth Banks has a small part but she's kind of my favourite. Pretty cool she's directing the sequel.

So remember I was mentioning about Snowpiercer and how it got released in like no theatres which was really stupid and it probably would've made decent money had it actually played? Well, I found out more information about why this didn't happen. Apparently Harvey Weinstein didn't like the final cut and wanted the director to edit out like 20 minutes (which included back story of a character) so that the "average movie-goer from Oklahoma or Iowa" can understand it. I'm unsure what South Koreans understand that Oklahomans can't? Anyway, Weinstein's cut got poorer reactions and then he decided to make the directors cut the official version but was pissy and said that he was going to chop their theatre count and release on VOD really soon after so basically no theatres would want them. Sucks, eh? At least I eventually got to see it and it sounds like several people I have on Facebook have as well. That's always nice.

And on the same note, I'm still waiting for Foxcatcher and The Imitation Game to actually start playing near me. We'll see if this, like, ever happens. How is it I was more easily able to see Boyhood than Foxcatcher? This makes no sense to me.

My husband and I are slowly making our way through Breaking Bad. I heard it gets really slow near the middle and I'm wondering if we're hitting that point. This last episode was essentially Walt doing
home renos and Jesse was being all cutesy with a girl. I know, we're so behind, we're still on season 2, but now that we have more time, hopefully we'll start watching like mad, especially when I'm off in a week. Is it weird that I always wish really good shows or movies had book versions I could read? I always wish Downton Abbey was a book, I think that would be so awesome as a book. Is that weird? I just love combining my books and movies love. So many times I've read a book because the movie was coming out (yes, I've read Anna Karenina and Les Mis, crazy right?)

Does anyone have Christmas movie recommendations? The ads I see on TV for various Christmas movies all look so terrible and there is only so many times I can watch Home Alone 1 & 2, Elf, White Christmas and A Christmas Story. Why are so many so lame? Recommend me a good one please!

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