Friday, 6 February 2015

guardians of the galaxy + breaking bad + the before trilogy

My life has been taken up by just watching movies and Breaking Bad. Mainly Breaking Bad.

We've finally been racing through it and now we're finally done Season 4. Does anyone else feel like it almost could've ended there? I mean, it left a few things loose, but it could've easily wrapped up there and I think I would've been happy. I mean, I haven't been spoiled at all for Season 5 so I don't have any idea what is to come, but I'm curious to even see what Season 5 will be about. The ending of Season 4 just wrapped like, so much up. Also, does anyone else feel like Jesse cares more about Brock than like anyone else? I swear he's only dating Andrea so he can hang out with Brock. Not that I'm complaining cause their relationship is so cute.

Also, I finally got around to watching Guardians of the Galaxy last night. Yeah, I'm super behind but I didn't really feel like seeing it in theatres and just waited until I got it at the library. Am I the only one who was disappointed with that movie? I mean, Chris Pratt was great and Rocket and Groot were clearly the best part and the movie really should've just been about them just capturing people for
money but yeah, I feel like it just had no idea. The movie itself just seemed to not really be sure what it wanted to do or where it wanted to go. Just me? Apparently, cause everyone I know loves this movie. I mean, like I did find it funny and was glad to see a Marvel movie not take itself seriously at all (more Marvel movies should do this) and the music was pretty fun and I loved Peter Quill dancing with his walkman in the intro but it started to get overused and just a little too kitschy for the sake of being kitschy. Whatever, I just seem to never really enjoy Marvel movies, so I wasn't surprised I didn't care for it. It makes me glad that my husband and I, when trying to decide what movie to go see one afternoon, decided against seeing Guardians because the trailer was lame and going to see Boyhood. A+ decision making.

Speaking of Richard Linklater, I finally watching his Before trilogy. These are the most beautiful and lovely and amazing movies ever and Before Sunrise is pretty much my new favourite movie. Like, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are so great. All 3 movies were just wonderful. I mean, except for
Before Midnight because it was kind of depressing and hard to watch since it was so much sadder and angrier than the first two, but Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy were still amazing and I loved it. Seriously, more people should see these movies. Clearly Linklater makes the kind of movies I love because watching people just have conversations and experiencing life is apparently the kind of movies I just really love a lot.

But seriously, this is honestly my life right now. I'm contemplating whether my husband I should start watching the Newsroom. We just got Season 1 from the library. We'll see...

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