Monday, 4 March 2013

Oscar Winner Roundup

Yes, I'm doing this a week later than I'd originally planned, but I'm doing it and that's what counts.

The Academy Awards were a little over a week ago now, and we've been able to see a little bit of the feedback and how things have started to sink in. Already I've seen a half hour show talking about how Affleck is back on top and has become the best comeback story in recent Hollywood history. We've heard dozens of complaints about Oscar host Seth McFarlane, etc.

However, I made predictions just before the Oscars, and now let's take a look at how I did.

Best Picture
Prediction: Argo
Winner: Argo

I totally think it deserves it, and Ben Affleck's speech was great!

Best Director
Prediction: Ang Lee- Life of Pi
Winner: Ang Lee- Life of Pi

My risky prediction paid off!

Best Actor
Prediction: Daniel Day-Lewis- Lincoln
Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis- Lincoln

Best Actress
Prediction: Jennifer Lawrence- Silver Linings Playbook
Winner: Jennifer Lawrence- Silver Linings Playbook

Best Supporting Actor
Prediction: Tommy Lee Jones- Lincoln
Winner: Christoph Waltz- Django Unchained

Best Supporting Actress
Prediction: Anne Hathaway- Les Miserables
Winner: Anne Hathaway- Les Miserables

Best Adapted Screenplay
Prediction: Argo
Winner: Argo

Best Original Screenplay
Prediction: Django Unchained
Winner: Django Unchained

Best Animated Feature Film
Prediction: Wreck-It-Ralph
Winner: Brave

Best Foreign Language Film
Prediction: Amour
Winner: Amour

Best Cinematography
Prediction: Life of Pi
Winner: Life of PI

Best Film Editing
Prediction: Argo
Winner: Argo

Best Original Score
Prediction: Mychael Danna- Life of Pi
Winner: Mychael Danna- Life of Pi

Best Original Song
Prediction: Adele- Skyfall
Winner: Adele- Skyfall

Best Sound Mixing
Prediction: Life of Pi
Winner: Les Miserables

Best Sound Editing
Prediction: Life of Pi
Winners: Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty

While it was a tie, and I still didn't guess right, I'm kinda proud the 2 winners were both in my "could win" section.

Best Production Design
Prediction: Anna Karenina
Winner: Lincoln

Best Visual Effects
Prediction: Life of Pi
Winner: Life of Pi

Best Costumes
Prediction: Anna Karenina
Winner: Anna Karenina

Best Makeup & Hairstyling
Prediction: The Hobbit
Winner: Les Miserables

If you were keeping score, I finished with 14/20, which is better than my 12/20 from last year. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the winners! No big upsets with the biggest surprise of the night being Ang Lee's second Director Win and Christoph Waltz's second win for Supporting Actor. I had correctly predicted Lee so I was very happy, and while I didn't predict Waltz, his was my favourite performance of the bunch, so I was happy there too.

Hopefully I can start making up predictions for next year in the next few weeks! Until then..

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