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Hidden Figures

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Hidden Figures, 2016
Directed by Theodore Melfi

Hidden Figures tells the little known story of the incredible black women who worked at NASA during the big space race of the 1960s. Specifically, it centers around Katherine Jackson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan and their stories.

I've been looking forward to seeing Hidden Figures for a while now, and my husband was also very excited to see this. He's a big history buff so he always looks forward to films like this, that tell little known history stories. He also just has a mass amount of respect for people who did this sort of math by hand. I mean, seriously, how did we put people in space before we even had the internet or smartphones??

Hidden Figures is a fantastic film that is both humorous, but also incredibly moving. To be honest with you all, I feel like I was on the verge of tears for a good 1/3 of the movie. This movie is wonderful and heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. There were only a few tiny moments that felt manipulative but for the most part, it was just telling the stories of these women who were doing things that we had no idea about.

Taraji P. Henson is truly great here. She brings so much strength and character to Katherine (not that she needed it, but Taraji still brought it). This is a much different role than we're used to seeing her do on Empire and she brings so much vitality and grace. I really, really, really want her to be a spoiler on Oscar morning and get that nomination! And speaking of nominations, I'm not 100% sure why Octavia Spencer is the one getting the love here. I mean, she's good here but I prefer both Janelle Monae (who is wonderful and hilarious here!) and Taraji. And yes, Janelle needs to continue with her film career because between this and Moonlight, she really is talented.

Honestly, one of my favourite parts of the film is how it balances the Civil Rights message, but also the women are still able to keep a sense of humor. These are women that aren't competitive with each other, and they hold each other up. They are sisters and are constantly looking out for each other. We need more films like this! It's so refreshing to see a film this diverse without some sort of white savior or male lead. People are finally voting with their wallets and studios should take note that movies starring females (and females of colour!) do actually make money and people want to see them!

Please, continue to go show studios that we want films with diverse stories. This is a wonderful movie that will both make you laugh, but also move you.


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