Friday, 11 September 2015

So Fetch Friday: TIFF + New Releases

Hey everyone! How's it going? Right now I'm just really excited for TIFF. I know I posted about it the other day and you guys all know how I'm lamely only seeing 1 movie, but I'm still excited. I'm heading downtown tomorrow to see Our Brand Is Crisis, and will probably be spending a bunch of the day downtown, stalking some red carpet premieres and hoping to see Cate Blanchett (will she be in town?). It'll be exciting to be in town for TIFF. I'm looking forward to sharing with you all one of the first reviews for Our Brand is Crisis, and just hoping to see some cool celebrities.

I got around to watching a few newer movies in the past 2 weeks. Cineplex was awesome last week and, because there was almost literally nothing in theatres to watch, gave us Tuesday prices Monday-Friday (aka $5 movies!), so my husband and I finally checked out Jurassic World. Was it good? I'm not sure. I'd give it like a 6.5/10? It was fun, and that dinosaur battle at the end was just plain crazy. It was less Chris Pratt-y than I was expecting, but it was still good. Also, I just felt like screenwriters were trying very hard with the characters. I can just see them being like "okay, we're writing a woman, guys. She needs to be tough! She needs to be unlike other women! But still relatable in the end". I don't know how to describe it, but Owen and Claire just felt so... stiff. Claire especially seemed inconsistent, but whatever. Also, some of the dialogue was just generally really terrible. But, it was still a fun movie to watch, even if it felt much different than Jurassic Park. Also, Jake Johnson was in this and he was basically just playing a variation of Nick Miller and that was probably my favourite part of the movie.

I also got around to watching Far From the Madding Crowd. Not surprising to me, I very much enjoyed it. I really do like Carey Mulligan and she was really quite good in this. The story was refreshingly feminist for it's time period, but it was still a very sweet story. Bathseba was strong and independent, but still human with flaws and bad judgment. I felt bad for Matthew Sheen's character, and I just also really loved Matthias Schoenaerts in this as well. Definitely recommend for Pride & Prejudice fans. Was lovely and beautiful, but also had so much drama!

Another film I watched was Clouds of Sils Maria. I wasn't huge on the movie itself, but Kristen Stewart was actually quite good in this! Never did she feel awkward (unless she was supposed to be), and she felt very natural. It just seemed very much a role really fitting for her and her style and she really did quite well. Next time anyone says she can't act, I'll point them directly to this movie (and Still Alice). Juliette Binoche was also really good, but this was more to be expected than with Kristen Stewart.

Anyway, it's exciting that the fall film season is finally starting up. I'm hoping to either catch Black Mass or Everest next week (probably Everest because that demands a large screen and 3D!) and from then on, lots of great stuff is headed our way. You guys have a favourite movie of the year so far? Honestly, Mad Max Fury Road is definitely still my favourite.

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