Friday, 5 June 2015

So Fetch Friday: Still Alice + Trailers

Here I am for another So Fetch Friday! Seems I only really get around to doing these every other week. Honestly, this week was pretty crappy, but I was able to catch up on a few movies, and take some time out for TV (because honestly, what else do I do?)

I finally saw Still Alice last night. I expected it to be a lot more tear-jerker than it was, so I was actually pretty pleased. It was a lot less depressing (though still sad) than I thought it would be. Julianne Moore was quite good. I'm not sure if it's Oscar good, but I haven't really seen much of her other work. I still really wish Rosamund Pike has won for Gone Girl. (I still don't understand how that film got such little love!) Also, Kristen Stewart was actually quite good in this. I mean, not that her role was all that meaty or anything, but she was convincing and wasn't overly wooden or awkward. Her character's relationship with her mother was actually really beautiful. 

I also watched The Last Five Years with Anna Kendrick. Solidly a musical, pretty much through and through. The first song was actually really good, but the rest of the movie just felt sort of blah to me. It's nice seeing Anna Kendrick doing something a bit more meaty and dramatic, but the movie itself was kind of whatever. 

Also, isn't Gilmore Girls just the best? I had no idea I would get this hooked. And it's not like all that much happens, but I just love all the characters and want to know what keeps happening in their everyday lives. Seriously, I just love it. I'm currently in the middle of the 3rd season, and Jess's father just came to town, and Luke found out he isn't graduating, and so he gets kicked out. He leaves without telling Rory. Also, Dean is getting married?? Can I just state that, as of right now, I'm still solidly Team Dean, and I always feel so bad for Rory who threw away her relationship with such a solid guy, to be with such a little, rude, sullen annoyance. Oh well. 

I also saw Mad Max: Fury Road for the second time, because it was a crappy week and this movie is fantastic. Seriously, so good. Everytime someone mentions their going to see the Avengers (or whatever else is playing right now), I always tell them to see Mad Max instead. This movie deserves to make so much money. I'm just loving the critically feedback it's getting, especially from just people on the internet. Can we start a massive Oscar campaign to have this movie nominated in every single technical category? Because it would actually deserve every single one of those nominations. Please?? Also, get Charlize Theron up for Best Actress! 

Anyway, this weekend I may or may not check out Ryan Gosling's Lost River and the horribly reviewed Mortdecai. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in!

There were some pretty sweet trailers released this week, that I'm pumped about. Have you all seen the trailer for Suffragette? I'm excited we're finally getting a film about the early feminist movement. Because why hasn't there been, like, a single history movie about this? Carey Mulligan looks so great in this. Get her up for Best Actress Oscar too? Check it out: 

Also, the trailer for Everest was released. It's based off of Jon Krakauer's book called Into Thin Air. I read it about a year ago, and I'm excited they're making a film based on the events. The cast is jam-packed and the visuals look stunning. 


  1. I was also really impressed with Still Alice. So many likened it to a Lifetime movie when it came out that I just assumed it was going to be a poorly made film, but I thought it was really well handled, and Moore was fantastic. The way she managed to age on screen as her health was shocking...she managed to fill in that role so effortlessly.

    I actually preferred her to Pike...and I LOVED Pike and Gone Girl.

    1. Yeah, it was a much better movie than I expected. I don't really get the Lifetime movie comparisons either. Interesting that you preferred Moore to Pike! That's an opinion I've heard often! I thought both were really performances, and Moore deserved to win eventually :P