Friday, 13 June 2014

You Can't Take It With You

You Can't Take It With You, 1938
Directed by Frank Capra
Nominated for 7 Oscars, Won 2
Wins Include: Best Picture, Best Director

You Can't Take it With You is a classic rom-com that you've more or less seen probably a few times since 1938. It's a tale about a young couple and their two families. Alice is a sternographer and is in love with the new, young vice president, Tony. Tony comes from a rich snobby family and his father is extremely powerful. Anthony Kirby Sr is dealing a monopoly in the trade of weapons, and is hoping to buy up 12 blocks of land. The last house to buy just can't seem to be bought. It's owned by a man named Martin Vanderhof, an eccentric man (and family) who doesn't care to leave his home, despite how much money they're offering him. But Martin is Alice's grandfather, and when Alice and Tony get engaged, Alice states it's mandatory for their two families to meet (Martin unknowing that it's Kirby trying to buy his house and Kirby unaware of Martin being the last homeowner). However, Tony thinks this is a bad idea, and it turns out he may have been right. The Kirby's are snobs and rich while the Vanderhof/Sycamore's are fun, creating fireworks in the basement, dancing Russian ballet in the living room and painting in the dining room. 

Like I've mentioned before, and also mentioned with It Happened One Night, is these feel like movies you've seen before, but they are recent releases. There have been dozens of films about couples getting engaged only to have the families meet and all hell breaks loose. However, this doesn't make the movie less fun as it's a charming story, and we get more classic and talented actors than what usually happens with romantic comedies like these nowadays. 

James Stewart was so young and it was cute to watch, as this is one his earliest work. The whole cast was quite fun and it was fun to see them at work, raising all sorts of antics, whether their fault or not. The film is not completely predictable (only like 90% predictable) and does have a twist or two I personally wasn't expecting. However, the film wasn't anything overly special. While James Stewart was fun to watch, Capra's other Best Picture winner was quite superior. That's not to say this was a bad film. Not even close! While the film was probably a little too long (126 minutes, which probably could've been shaved down a little) but the story was funnest when we had Alice's family altogether, being the quirksters they are.  

However, the film was still fun to watch, even if it wasn't quite Best Picture quality, it was a treat and it's always nice to have a lighter non-serious, non-war film to win, because goodness knows there's not many of them on the list. 

Acting- 8/10 
Directing- 8/10 
Screenplay- 7/10 
Visuals- 7/10 
Music- 7/10 
Emotional Connection- 7/10 
Entertainment- 7.5/10 
Rewatchability- 7.5/10 
Overall Enjoyment- 7.5/10 
Overall Package- 7/10       

Total: 73.5/100

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