Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscars: A Gif recap

So this years Oscars have come and gone! And despite the fact I went into the Oscars thinking anything could happen, it was an overall predictable night for winners. I got 18/20 predictions correct (a personal best!), proved wrong in a category I wanted to be proved wrong in, and lost out on a small prediction risk. Overall, a satisfying night!

Personally, I love Ellen. I thought she made an otherwise pretty boring show pretty fun. She randomly popped up in the audience among stars, made fun of Jennifer Lawrence,  ordered pizza (and then Brad Pitt handed out paper plates to everyone), and organized the world greatest selfie. Overall, while the show was just alright itself, Ellen was a safe and awesome pick for the night and really made it a fun and relaxed night for everyone. Oh, and she also gave Bradley Cooper some scratch lotto tickets when he didn't win Best Supporting Actor.

Besides that there were some awesome moments for the winners. For the most part the speeches were pretty concise. Though did anyone else notice the moment when, after the main editor from Gravity gave his speech, Alfonso Cuaron was about to start speaking just as the music cued in and all he said was 'hi'?. Anyone? But just everyone's speeches seemed so amazing. Highlights including Jared Leto, Alfonso Cuaron, Steve McQueen/Brad Pitt and (while long) Cate Blanchett. I loved how she called the Oscars 'random and subjective'

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Also, Lupita Nyong'o won and the world rejoiced because she was the definition of class and beauty last night. Her dress was amazing, and she was just had so many random cute moments with her brother, dancing with Pharrell, made Benedict Cumberbatch cry during her acceptance speech and when the whole crew from 12 Years A Slave was on stage after winning Best Picture. As much as I love Jennifer Lawrence, I was so happy not to see her win this year. Also, American Hustle shut out anyone? I personally felt weird predicting it and last minute changed my Original Screenplay prediction. However, I was way too happy to see Spike Jonze win it and see Hustle with no wins. Both the shut out and the Spike Jonze win were deserving!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the winners. I know the entire world is complaining about Leo not winning but I'm personally whining that Chiwetel Ejiofor was pretty much over looked the entire season. He was so incredible and I don't really understand how he didn't sweep awards seasons. Personal preference I suppose. And Brad Pitt finally has an Oscar!!! I am so so excited for him! This has been long overdue and I'm glad he finally has one!

Like I said, I played it relatively safe (aside from predicting 12 Years A Slave for the Costume Win) so I did a personal best! It was a great year for film, and I"m still so excited 12 Years A Slave won. It is utterly incredible and I know it'll rank high on an overall list of winners, and well be remembered similarly to Schindler's List. Gravity, as well, will not be forgotten soon and will definitely change cinema and technology.

Overall, a pretty fun year! Looking forward to everything next year will be bringing us!

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