Monday, 27 February 2012

A Couple Post-Oscar Thoughts

-Overall, I thought this awards season was a little blah. It was predictable, and things that were really good didn't make the cut. Sure, most of the BP nominees were good, but overall there weren't really any amazing movies this year. 2012, be a solid year!

-Billy Crystal was pretty whatever, to be honest. But the fashion was great this year. Jessica Chastain looked aaamazing, along with Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams and Ellie Kemper.

-The whole Dictator thing with Ryan Seacrest was NOT funny. I found it offensive. And I don't get why people hate on Ryan Seacrest either. I think he's a pretty solid guy.

-Ellie Kemper just needs to be in more movies. Can she play some sort of Disney character? Please?

-My 2013 predictions are up! Check them out at the side. They feel like shots in the dark, but it'll be interesting to see how different they looked 8 months or more, from now. This is my 2nd year predicting, but the 1st year being in this early.

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